My passion

We help you collect:
You know that red chestnut drawer in your granny’s attic is worth a few millions. But you don’t want to sell it. No, not just now! You are pretty sure that the way the things are going, you may soon find a big demand for the original chestnut tree furniture and soon the drawer set can qualify to be an antique.
You have no reason to sell it right away. So you decide to hold on to it. That’s a pretty good idea we’d say!
We have no physical stores:
Our passion is to identify people passionate about their heirloom. We are constantly looking out for such people who are not just talented enough to identify the value of such collectibles but also those who can hold on to such collectibles till the market is just right for their sale. Our warehouse holds the best that the antique world has to offer!
We have connections with assessors:
Our linked and associate assessors will help you to value your collectible and make sure that you hold on to them till some more time if it is viable to you. Otherwise, we give you the option to sell them to us at the prevailing market rates. No, that’s not all, we also do an indemnity bond with you and it includes your progeny that in case the product is put on the block, we will only keep a fixed 20 percent on the sale value whereas the rest will be lawfully handed to you and your progeny who are indeed the rightful owner of the sale price.
We are reachable:

You can reach us t the numbers given below in this page or write to us on our email address. We would love to hear from you soon. Till then happy collecting!