Ten Accessories that are worth millions!

Case for accessorizing your outfits:

Accessories play an important role in bringing oomph and glamour to your costumes. They are single handedly the best way that you can add sparkle and charm to drab dresses and make sure that you and no one else is the toast of the party.
If you like being the center of attraction always, this is for you:
So, you love to garner all the attention? You seem to love the way people look at the doorway when you walk in! You just cannot have enough of people turning around to look at you? And you absolutely adore when someone complements you for your fine taste!
Well, read on, for a list of accessories and other things that are worth their price in gold (really!) and are a sure head turner whenever you decide to sport them on yourself. Visit https://twistedtime.com/brands/braun-watches for more info.
Nah, you don’t believe in charity, do you?
You think charity is attending charity balls, all dressed up in exquisitely only one piece in the world gown and sporting that glittering stones in a string that are sourced from the mines at Ghana and cut and polished exclusively at a major Belgian showroom and flown to an ultra luxury store in the NY. Nah, charity as in helping homeless kids and others is not cut out for you. You’d rather play a slot game in an online casino ion your diamond encrusted phone and give your prize away to the local club!
Go on, the list is for you!

  1. The mother of all phones!

When peter Aloisson crafted a smart phone from platinum and gold, he must be thinking about you! The phone is encrusted with stones that are more brilliant than what the blue screen of the phone can emit. The stones are cut in such a fashion that they do not hurt the hands holding the phone. The buttons on the phone are diamonds, actually! Oh my God, I am sure you are dying for a dekko!

  1. Pizza for you sir!


Nino Bellisima Pizzeria in New York City is famous for making the world’s most costly pizza. The stuffing consists of caviar and all other exquisite sea food and types of cheeses. To top it all, the pizza is itself available in 8 different flavors. Talk about customer being the king!

  1. Here’s the show stopper!

Ginza Tanaka unveiled her collection of super luxurious handbags in a fashion show in Tokyo in the fall of 2007. The show stopper was a bag that was made with platinum and embedded with 3000 diamonds! The price tag on the bag was loose change for Hollywood stars who queued up to place orders with Tanaka!

  1. Here are your shots. Lady!


A private alcohol collect or in Mexico procured a tequila bottle for a net worth of $225.000. I mean can you believe so much money for a bottle of tequila? Apparently, the spirit is stored in a bottle that is made of pure platinum with accents of white gold. The tequila itself is made with genuine Agava juice that has been aged for 6 long years before filling it in that killer bottle!

  1. Howzatt?!


Cricket ball collectors, rejoice. Finally a ball that is decorated with diamonds and a pure golden rim was awarded to the best player in the World Cup of 2007. Now, how do you think you can get your gloved hands on that one?!

  1. Television-mania:


The television can cost you your health if you watch it too long. N=but what when you buy one that is worth $130,000? The case of the TV is made of white cold and is encrusted with diamonds choicefully cut and decorated everywhere. A diamond power button, anyone?

  1. Tea for you madam!


When the British tea company PG tips completed the 75th year f their existence, they gave themselves the luxury of getting the world’s costliest tea bag crafted by a jewellery company Boodles, inc. the tea bag made of thin platinum sheet is encrusted with diamonds numbering close to 300. The good news is that the company has kept the thing on the block. Would you care for some tea?

  1. Most expensive toy:


The world’s most expensive toy is a miniature version of a japans anime robot called the Gandam! Gandam is famous in Japan and now famous everywhere else for its price of $41, 468. Fancy giving this toy to your children?!